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As all of you are well aware that not only our country (India) but the whole world is treated with Herbal medicines grown in our country. The whole world has dense forest hills and water resources whereas our Indian forests are full of natural herbal plants in abundance.

I being a follower of late Shri Bhawani Shanker Ji Sharma known as the Modern Dhanwantri, thought of giving the therapy of natural plants amongst the public by converting the same in herbal medicines and consequently JAGRITI HRRBS (P) LTD. was established on 16/12/1993 and started manufacturing Ayurvedic, herbal medicines, Health care and Beauty aid products in the vicinity of Mewar of Rajasthan under the manufacturing Licence no. 138 - Ayu granted by Licensing Authority & Director of Ayurved ,Govt. of Rajasthan, Ajmer.

Time passed away and it was decided that ancillary units shall be set up & that Jagriti Herbs (P) Ltd. will only market and export the products.

Thus Shree Aushadh Pratisthan was set up on 05/04/2000 under the proprietorship of Mrs. Shanta Devi Jain. The unit started manufacturing of Herbal medicines, Health care and Beauty aid products under the manufacturing Licence no. 497/ D. The unit has also been granted GMP Certificate and registered with Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Govt. of India. This unit is not only manufacturing the Herbal medicines but providing employment on the basis of self employment and self sustainability & also working towards development of women entrepreneurs through training & self employment. This ancillary unit is also manufacturing Veterinary Medicines which are based on ancient “Hastayurved�and “Ashwayurved�i.e. elephant & horse therapy and these drugs are the choice of Veterinarian.

Jagriti Herbs (P) Ltd. has also set up another ancillary unit under the name Shiv Shanker Herbal Udyog which is manufacturing 4 types of toilet soaps and Shampoos.

According to �lt;span class="subheading">Acharya charak�Ayurved is being practiced since Vedic era and is a “Science of life�as mentioned in the Holy Scriptures which reads, “Ayurved Amritanam�
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Ayurveda (Ayu+Veda) is a holistic healing science & all our products are based on it. Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge or science.
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  • Health Care
  • Beauty & Hair Care
  • Daily Use
  • Herbal sharbat & Nector
  • Ark
  • Avaleha Pak
  • Quath/ Quath Kan
  • Medicaated Ghritsh
  • Medical Oil
  • Ras Rasyan Guggul
  • Pishti Bhasma
  • Classical Churna
  • Swatantra Churna
  • Premium Product