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(Antacid Carminative & Enzyme)
COMPOSITION : Harde 0.05mg., Sanay 0.05mg., Mulethi 0.1mg, Saunth 0.1mg, Amaltas 10mg, ilaychi (choti) 0.025mg, Dalchini 0.01mg, Methi 0.05mg, Sua 0.05mg, Ajwayan 0.1mg, Saunph 0.1mg, Munakka 2mg.

INDICATIONS : An excellect, Delicious, carminative, stomachic and digestive, also useful for abdominal pain and hyper acidity, gastric intestinal pains.

DOSAGE : As directed by physician.
PACKING : Syrup – 60ml., 100ml., 200ml., 500ml., Capsule- 10-60-100cap.

A Proven Solution To Acid-Peptic Disorders... A Herbal Relief in Gastric Problems Due To:
Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Spicy Food, Stress

A gastroprotective Tonin With Multiple Benefits
Controls excessive gastric acid secretion
Builds-up defensive factors by improvings gastric barrier
Relieves pain, burning, discomfort

Each 10 ml. contains
: Harde 0.05 mg., Sanay 0.05 mg., Mulhati 0.10 mg., Saunth 0.10 mg., Amaltas 10.00 mg., Dalchini 0.01 mg., Methi 0.05 mg., Sua 0.05 mg., Ajwayan 0.10 mg., Saunf 0.10 mg., Munakka 2.00 mg., Elaychi (Badi) 0.01 mg., Elaychi (Chhoti) 0.025 mg.

Children: 1-2 teaspoonful thrice a day.
Adults: 2-3 teaspoonfuls thrice a day.

Each 500 mg. contains
: Amaltas Guda 75 mg., Neeshodh 75 mg., Long 50 mg., Trifala 15 mg., Rasayan Charan 15 mg., Trikatu 15 mg., Sanay 15 mg., Mulethi 15 mg., Satavari 15 mg., Methi 15 mg., Ajwayan 15 mg., Kala Dana 15 mg., Adusa 15 mg., Neem Panchang 15 mg., Patol Patra 15 mg., Bhringraj 15 mg., Peet Papada 15 mg., Kapoor Kachri 15 mg., Gulab (Phool) 15 mg., Elaychi (Badi) 15 mg., Elaychi (Chhoti) 15 mg., Shaat Shkahar 25 mg., Kam Dadha 25 mg., Dhatri Loh 25 mg., Mukata Sukocti Bhasma 25mg.

Adults : 2 Capsules twice a day with milk
Children: 1 capsule twice a day with milk