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(Female Tonic with lron)
COMPOSITION : Ashokarishta 25ml., Dasmoolarishta 25ml., Kumaryasava 10ml.,Lodhrasav 10ml.,Lohsava 10ml.

INDICATIONS : Multicantric utero corrective, iron tonic and general tonic females.

PACKING : Syrup- 200ml., 500ml.

Fosters and Nurtures Womanhood Fosters and nurtures womanhood
  • Being a uterine sedative, it minimises the severity of uterine contractions
  • Relieves dysmenorrhoea and the symptoms of pelvic pain, backache and cramps
  • Prevents excessive menstrual loss due to strong menorrhagia related uterine contractionss
  • Restores the normal functions of the ovary and endometrium
  • Helps to minimise the problems of climatic disturbances.
Each 100 ml. contains

Ashokarishta 25 ml., Dashmoolarishta 25 ml., Kumaryasav 10 ml., Lodhrasav 10 ml., Lohasav 10 ml.

3 teaspoonful with equal quantity of water after meals.