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(A non hormonal gynaecological tonic)
COMPOSITION: Ashok 375mg., Shatari 375mg., Ashwagandha 250mg., Kamalgatta 150mg., Lodhra 150mg., Dhay Phool 100mg., Semar Musli 100mg., Shiv Lingi 100mg., Aam ki guthli 100mg., Varahi Kandh 95mg., Nagarmutha 75mg., Majufal 100mg., somlata 95mg., Rasot 75mg., Jivanti 185mg., Behman Shurk 100mg., Behman Swet 100mg., Mochras 50mg.

INDICATIONS: A comprehensive weapon for various diseases of female organs, leucorrhoea, scanty or premenses, habitual abortions.

DOSAGE: As directed by physician.
PACKING: Syrup 100ml., 200ml., 500ml. Capsule 10, 60, 100, 1000Cap. Granules 100gm., 250gm., 500gm., 1kg.

A Female Functional Corrective And Anabolic Tonic… Gyano-Aid is a comprehensive therapy as feminine functional corrective of first choice, because of its potent efficacy & safety

  • Overstressed body & mind
  • Nutritionally imbalanced diet
  • Weak myometrium & endometrium
  • Disturbed hypothalamus pituitary ovarian axis
  • Ovarian malfunctioning
  • Imbalanced serum progesterone & serum estrogen levels
  • Metrorrhagia due to capillary fragility
  • Improper corpus luteum function
  • Bacterial / mycotic vaginosis
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding due to organic lesions in endometrium & ovary
  • Disturbed ovarian functions

Each 10 ml. contains
: Ashok 375 mg., Shatawari 375 mg., Ashwagandha 250 mg., Kamal Gatta 150 mg., Lodhra 150 mg., Dhay Phool 100 mg., Semar Musli 100 mg., Shiv Lingi 100 mg., Aam ki Guthali 100 mg., Varahi Kandh 95 mg., Vidari Kandh 95 mg., Nagar Motha 75 mg., Manjufal 100 mg., Somlata 95 mg., Rasot 75 mg., Jivanti 185 mg., Behman Surkh 100 mg., Behman Swet 100 mg., Mochras 50 mg.

2-3 teaspoonfull 2/3 times a day with water or milk.

Each capsule contains
: Ashok 187.5 mg., Shatawari 187.5 mg., Ashwagandha 125 mg., Kamal Gatta 75 mg., Lodhra 75 mg., Dhay Phool 50 mg., Semar Musli 50 mg., Shiv Lingi 50 mg., Aam ki Guthali 50 mg., Varahi Kandh 47.5 mg., Vidari Kandh 47.5 mg., Nagar Motha 37.5 mg., Manjufal 50 mg., Somlata 47.5 mg., Rasot 37.5 mg., Jivanti 92.5 mg., Behman Surkh 50 mg., Behman Swet 50 mg., Mochras 12.5 mg., Kasish Bhasma 12.5 mg., Kukutandvak 12.5 mg.

2 capsule twice a day with water or milk.