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(Regularis sugar metabolism of the body)
COMPOSITION : Gudmar 3gm, Jamun Beej 3gm, Babool Panchang 3gm, Ambba Haldi 3gm, Trifala Churan 3gm, Trikatu Churan 3gm, Bilvpatra 3gm, Nimb Panchang 3gm, Methi 3gm, Haldi 3gm, Sada Bhahar 3gm,Tej Patra 3gm, Kalounji 3gm, Kuttaki 3gm, Bang Bhasam 1gm, Mamejava Vati 1gm, Shilajit 1gm, Base Karela Churan Q.S.

INDICATIONS : Controls increased blood & urinary sugar levels.

DOSAGE : AAs directed by physician.
PACKING : Granules- 100gm,250gm,500gm, 1kg. Capsule-60Cap,100Cap, 1000Cap

When sugar level becomes a reason to worry…
  • Checks over fatigue, excessive thirst & urination etc.
  • Helps regulate glucose & lipid metabolism
  • Prevents triopathic complications & tones functions of kidneys – eyes – nerves.
  • Acts as cardio-protective
  • Adjuvant in the management of hyperglycemia
The Polyherbal Anti- Diabetic A Comprehensive approach in the management of Hyperglycaemia.

Each 500 mg. contains : Gudmar 1.5 mg., Jamun Beej 1.5 mg., Babool Panchang 1.5 mg., Amba Haldi 1.5 mg., Trifala Churn 1.5 mg., Trikatu Churna 1.5 mg., Bilva Patra 1.5 mg., Nimb Panchang 1.5 mg., Methi 1.5 mg., Haldi 1.5 mg., Sada Bhahar 1.5 mg., Tej Patra 1.5 mg., Kalounji 1.5 mg., Kuttaki 1.5 mg., Bang Bhasma 0.5 mg., Mamu Jauvati 0.5 mg., Shilajeet 0.5 mg.

2 capsule twice a day half an hour before each principal meal. This dosage may be suitably adjusted in the context of diet, exercise and concurrent medication.