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(For skin diseases and dermatitis )
COMPOSITION : Manjith 200mg, Anantmool 200mg, Neem Patra 100mg, Patol Patra 100mg, Chandan 50mg, Punavnava 50mg, Kanchnarchal 50mg, Bavachi 50mg, Rohida Chhal 50mg, Kherchhal 50mg, Khash 50mg, Sanay 50mg, Rvtchini 25mg, Daru harida 25mg, Chirayata 25mg, Lalchandan 25mg, Gokhru 25mg, Kutki 25mg, Syrup Base Q.S.

INDICATIONS : Skin infections, Eczema, Fungal infection, Ringworm, Scabies, Insect bite and Dermatitis.

DOSAGE : As directed by physician
PACKING : Syrup-100ml, 200ml, 500ml. Capsule-60cap., 100cap., 1000cap. Ointment-10gm, 30gm, 60gm

Purifies Blood & Beautifies Skin
Specially developed highly effective formula to treat

Detoxifies blood, clears impurities
Powerful Anti - Septic Anti - Bacterial Action
Supports digestive & hepatic functions
Completely safe herbal preparation

Each 500 mg. contains : Manjishtha 100 mg., Ananthmool 100 mg., Patol Patra 100 mg., Neem Patra 50 mg., Chandan 25 mg., Punarnava 25 mg., Kanchnar Chhal 25 mg., Bavachi 25 mg., Rohida Chhal 25 mg., Kher Chhal 25 mg., Khas 25 mg., Sanay 25 mg., Revat Chhal 12.5 mg., Daru Haridra 12.5 mg., Chirayata 12.5 mg., Lal Chandan 12.5 mg., Gokhru 25 mg., Kutki 25 mg., Kanchnar Guggal 10 mg., Gandhak Rasayan 10 mg., Praval Pisti 10 mg., Ras Mankya 10 mg.

1 capsule 3 times a day

Each 100 ml. contains : Manjishtha 20 mg., Anantmool 200 mg., Neem Patra 100 mg., Patol Patra 100 mg., Chandan 50 mg., Punarnava 50 mg., Kanchnar Chhal 50 mg., Bavachi 50 mg., Rohida Chhal 50 mg., Kher Chhal 50 mg., Khas 50 mg., Sanay 50 mg., Revat Chini 25 mg., Daru Haridra 25 mg., Chirayata 25 mg., Lal Chandan 25 mg., Gokhru 25 mg., Kutki 25 mg.

1 capsule 3 times a day