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(Useful in removing all type of worms)
COMPOSITION : Ajwain 1.83%, Kutki 0.366%, Palas Beej 2.74%, Karanj Beej 2.74%, Vaividang 7.3%, Sanaya 0.914%, Indrajv 1.83%, hing 0.366%, Kapila 1.83%, Sugar Base Q.S.

INDICATIONS : Expel intestinal worms, suchs round worms, threadworms, whip worms, hook worms, tape worms and also eradicates the effects caused by these worms.

DOSAGE : As directed by physician.
PACKING : Syrup-60ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml.

Let’s Work Together… For A Worm Free World
  • Half the world is infested with worms
  • 60% of high-income urban population in India is infested with worms
  • 4 grams of body proteins per day is lost due to worms
The time tested vermicide
  • Kill ova, larvae and adult worm faster
  • Offers better patient compliance
  • Economical
Expel Instestinal worms, such as Round worms, Thread worms, Whip worms, Hook worms & Tape worm also eradicates the ill effects caused by these worms.